Wednesday, January 23, 2008

San Francisco/Tahoe Airport Story

Anthony and I stay up all night watching
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and In Living Color because our flight is at 7:30am. We have to leave the house by 5:50am and get to the airport by 6:30am.

As I'm doing some last minute work before I leave, I decide to take a look at my flight reservation to make sure that I didn't miss anything...

It's 5:30am now.

Open up my folded 8.5" x 11" piece of white paper.

Flight #: VA 238
Departs: 7:00am
Arrives: 10:40am


Departs: 7:00am

Welcome to the sh-t show! I quickly showered. Woke up everyone in the house.

5:50am out of shower and ready to go. Packed and everything.

Airport is 30 minutes away driving fast with some traffic!

Dad gets into the driver's seat.

Me: you want me to drive? I drive faster.
Dad: No...just get in.
Me: ugh...fine.

He crawls out of the driveway and slowly makes his way to the highway, driving at a paltry law abiding speed limit of 55 mph. It's 6:00am. We're barely 5 minutes on the road.

Dad: So...what time is your flight anyway?
Me: an hour! Can you drive faster?
Dad: hour? ha...No, I don't like driving fast.
Me: WTF??? I told you to let me drive.
Dad: Hey,
that's your fault for looking at the wrong time. idiot...

Dad = genius!!!

Luckily there was no traffic. We got there at 6:17am!!! Mad dash to the terminal to check in and everything. We literally just made it.

So we're all checked in and everything. Now I need to use the bathroom. After following the signs around the airport, the signs lead me to a wall...literally, the bathroom sign points to a WALL! WTF?

I ask the guy where the bathroom is. Guy says, "oh...yeah, this sign is wrong. it's all of the way on the other side." JFK airport = Genius!!!

Now I'm on the security line and I meet this girl who's going to Colombia to visit an orphanage. Should have gotten her number...Me = Genius!!!

We finally get on the plane with literally 5 - 10 minutes to spare. And lo' and behold behind me on the airplane is Angel's friend Allison! Talk about coincident!

Anyway, that's my crazy story.

FYI, Virgin America flights are pretty nice. Hours of entertainment including OnDemand Movies and TV Shows, Live TV Channels, Music Channels, even foreign TV like TVB and HK Soap Operas. Awesome. No food and only 1 round of drinks though. So eat and drink before you fly. Or you're going to have to buy it on the plane.

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