Monday, November 5, 2007

It felt like a bad Macaulay Culkin movie

Get ready Brazil, we're coming for ya...

Day One - Friday/Saturday (October 26/27)

Background - NY has been raining since Thursday.

2:30am - I just finished partying with Anthony and Alice in the LES. We bought some chicken and rice from the Halal street cart and brought it back to his place to eat. Somehow chicken and rice at 3:00am really has a way of knocking you out. I have a flight at 8:30am to Sao Paolo, Brasilia. I haven't packed and I have to be at the airport by 6:30am!

3:30am - With chicken and rice is sitting in my stomach, "Yo Anthony, I'm going to take a nap for like half an hour and go home and pack."


4:00am - ...zzzzzzzzzzzz


5:00am - ...zzzzzzzzzzzz


5:34am - ...Look at the clock. "OH SH-T! I gotta get home. I have a flight in an hour," I think to myself. Pop up from the couch, naseaus from chicken and rice. Run to my car. It's still pouring out. By divine intervention, Wall Street to Long Island with rain, 32 minutes flat!

6:06am - Run upstairs. Throw a bunch of random stuff into my bag, brush my teeth, do my hair, wake my dad up to drive me to the airport - JFK (about 35 minutes from my house)

6:38am - Talk about record time for packing. Still raining. Flight is at 8:30am!

6:50am - Angel calls, "Are you at the airport yet?" Me, "15 minutes."

7:10am - Hug dad, Run into the terminal like McCauley Caulkin in Home Alone. I hear Tsaivkowsky in the background the whole way.

7:25am - Check the screen. Flight delayed till 10am. *F-CK!* but also a sigh of relief.

8:00am - Still on line to check in. I already see some fly brasilian honeys. Hollaz...Meet up with Angel.

11:00am - Still sitting on the runway. Are we going to make our connection at Sao Paolo to Salvadore? Pass out.

11:15pm - Arrive in Sao Paulo. TAM airlines rep, "Your connecting flight as left. We'll comp you a hotel and book you with a flight the next morning." Again, *F-CK!* but also a sigh of relief.

12:30am - Arrive at comped hotel - Novotel in Sao Paolo. Look right, we see a 9 piece band playing in the restaurant. "I've got you under my skin..." "Come fly with me, Come fly, Let's fly away..." Welcome to vegas rejects, Sao Paolo style. Again, *F-CK!* This time, no sigh of relief. Still a great time, though.

2:30am - Finally. Day one end...Sleep

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