Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Alcatraz and In N' Out in San Francisco

Day 1 - In N' Out, Alcatraz, and Tahoe!!!

Anthony and I finally arrive into SFO and go to the car rental place to rent out Standard Sized SUV. We go to the parking lot and pick out our car and lo' and behold quite possibly the most effeminate ghetto cruiser available...Big Powder Blue - our powder blue toyota highlander!

We went hyphy and ghostriding in it on Day 4.

So we meet up the girls, Cynthia and Alice and head straight to our first activity of the day. In N' Out! Anthony and I got a Double Double Animal Style with Fries and a Shake. A Double Double is a double cheese burger with special sauce, onions, and pickles. Awesome!

Full and bloated, we're ready to take on our first challenge - THE ROCK (Alcatraz)!!!

For $20, you take the ferry to Alcatraz from the Wharf. And you get an audio tour of Alcatraz which gives you a brief but in depth history of the prison as well as descriptions of the accommodations within the prison. It also includes recorded testimonies from the inmates themselves. Alcatraz had a library, art class, and some of the best food in the prison system. It was home to some of the craziest criminals in US History - The Birdman, Machine Gun Kelly, Al Capone.

The ferry ride over is smooth, brisk, and gives you a great view of both bridges - Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. If you don't have any desire to see the prison, at least take a ride on the ferry.

We headed back to pick up our friend, Kenny. And off we were with an iPod full of songs, 4 hours of sleep on a plane, and about 4 hours of driving from SF to Tahoe ahead of me!

Pictures from Alcatraz:

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