Friday, January 18, 2008

Going snowboarding in California...Tahoe!

I'm going to California with a bunch of my friends for snowboarding at Lake Tahoe. I'm pretty excited about this. Will try to update on a daily basis. If anything check is the Peas and Nuts gang is updating on anything.

I'm sure we'll have some similar pictures. Hopefully the place we're staying at has internet.

I will be posting up the Maine stuff when I get back. 12:15am just posted stuff on his trip to Aruba. Check it out.

Hope everything had a great holiday and new year celebration! Mine was a little ridiculous to say the least. Fun times in NYC.

Shout out to my buddy on Travbuddy, Sylvie, and Lovelylori. Lori, I hope you're having fun in the UK. Hope you're updating your blog! Sylvie, looking forward to telling you about snowboarding.

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